Financial Communication – The Need of an hour

Financial communication is about expressing financial dataof a firm/company to the investor community. Financial communication is a part of public relations managementwhich helps in developing and maintaining close relationships between investors, analysts and financial media.

Role of Financial communication Consultant and Agency

Financial communications consulting includes branding, public relations, advertising and content generation. Financial communication consultants give advices on investment, taxes, retirement planning, insurance decisions which help in achieving financial objectives of the client. Financial communications agency develops financial plans, monitoring financial markets etc.

Public Relations and Asset managers

Communications for asset managers have been changed over a period of time. Public relations are very important in any marketing campaign. So, financial communications help in maintaining healthy working relationships with financial media and help in building trust in the investors. Asset managers manage assets of otherson behalf of them inmaking decisions in investment which help growing the financial status of the client and make sure that there is no decrease or loss in financial status of the client. Communications consultant prepare external and internal media releases of theclient’scompany. The consultant can develop internal communications and train the employees with best skills and practices.Strategic communications consultant is involved in implementing, managing and modifying afirm / company approach to communications. Financial communications play major role financial services.

Things we Can know with Financial Communications

  • Company at a glance
  • The Outlook
  • Share price Information
  • The chairman’s message
  • Balance sheets, Income statements
  • Financial calendar
  • Corporate governance
  • Stockholders structure
  • Investor relations releases

Transparent communication has come to be identified as important element of professional organizations. Financial communications are more or less structured in relation to content as well as timings. Financial share price information talks about the stock market data of a company, including daily opening and closing positions of markets.

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